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Fair hostesses

Qualified fair hostesses make for happy trade fair booth visitors

Trade fair: That comes down to a lot of visitors but not much time. Therefore, you will need your exhibition staff to work in an independent and committed way on top of being pleasant, nice and friendly so that you are free to deal with what’s basically your job on the trade fair: generating business.

While your coworkers are talking business with your trade fair visitors, you need to be able to rely
on your exhibition staff springing into action and offering beverages to waiting business partners, giving info material to interested passers-by or refilling the snack trays without your having to remind them.

We are very experienced when it comes down to the choice of suitable exhibition and event staff and we know who will be most suitable for meeting the requirements and doing a great job. Our hostesses and hosts can adjust flexibly to the most diverse situations and guests, they are always polite and professional and they have very good people skills. 

Aside from their neat appearances, our ladies and gentlemen convince through their high levels of professional competence and poise, their pleasant social manners and their resilience during stressful situations. It’s a matter of course for us to speak several foreign languages and to deal well with modern media technology.  

How can you book fair hostesses or event staff with our agency?
Based on your criteria, like foreign language skills, we will narrow down the choice and recommend you some of the more than 6000 ladies and gentlemen in our data base. Then, you can decide whom you would like to book. 

Our fair hostesses come always directly from the very region where the action actually takes place. That helps you to save travel costs and offers you the advantaage of your team knowing the local customers’ mindsets best.

In order for you to also get well-trained staff for your trade show, it makes sense to place an inquiry early on. If the lead time is long enough, we can already distribute information material to the exhibition staff in advance as well. 

We differentiate between the following sorts of hostesses:

Service hostesses

  • Distribution of info material
  • Welcoming and taking care of visitors
  • Accreditation, registration
  • Cloakroom service
  • If applicable, gastronomic service

Managing hostesses

  • Managing hostesses and hosts coordinate staff planning on request and support you as your direct contact persons.
  • Management, coordination and control of coworkers on-site
  • Depending on the hostesses’ and hosts’ exact areas of responsibility, they may also look after visitors

Multilingual hostesses

  • They speak several languages fluently
  • They interpret during customer meetings
  • Product explanations in different languages

Model hostesses

  • Attracting positive attention
  • Making product demonstrations more attractive

Catering hostesses

  • Serving food and beverages
  • Clearing and cleaning tables
  • Preparation of beverages

Sales hostesses

  • Sales consultations
  • Product sales promotions
  • Acquiring new customers or members

Event hostesses

  • Welcoming visitors
  • Keeping the guest list
  • Cloakroom service
  • Performing gastronomic service
  • Looking after lecturers
  • Contact persons for participants
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Fair hostess booking

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